Frequently Asked Questions

We practice the “They Ask, You Answer” philosophy of content marketing. We always tell our clients that if a prospective student has ever asked a question, then it deserves an answer on your website. Here we are practicing what we preach.

Can we host the College Inbound system on our own servers?

Not at this time. College Inbound is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution. That means that we are constantly developing and rolling out new features to our network of clients. We need complete control over the hosting and development of College Inbound in order to provide the best service possible. You can rest assured knowing that College Inbound is powered by the most scalable hosting solution in the world.

We currently use Wordpress Multisite with multiple sub-sites. Can you set us up as a multisite installation?

We have not had the opportunity to install a multisite yet, but we are open to the idea.

Does College Inbound integrate with Ellucian's Collegue and Entrinsik Informer?

For the most part. We do not have a true “integration” but we have a lot of options to be able to import data from Informer. You will be able to export your course information from Collegue into a CSV file which we can use to mass import to populate the course pages of your website. If we need to setup regularly scheduled imports we can help you set that up. We usually do this by providing you an FTP folder that you can dump data files in. We can program a scheduled task to pick up data from the files in this folder.

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