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Jonathan Medford is a founding partner of, a website development and inbound marketing company that primarily services community colleges. Jonathan is passionate about helping schools with limited marketing resources compete online with content marketing.

Inbound Marketing 101

Whether it’s getting admitted students to matriculate or parents to make that campus visit with their child, you’re always trying to get your audience to do something. What’s the best way to motivate your audience into action? Inbound marketing. In this presentation, you’ll learn the effectiveness of inbound marketing, how it can help your institution and how you can combine it with your current marketing efforts.

Getting Buy-In for Inbound/Content Marketing

Are you frustrated because you believe in the power of content marketing but you go to your recruiting team, leadership team or faculty, they don’t get it and they don’t buy-in? In this presentation we explore proven strategies to getting campus-wide buy-in for your killer content marketing strategy.

Must-Have Content for Your Academic Program Pages

Do your academic program pages truly inform students? Do they feature important faculty and successful students or provide students with an accurate insight to the program’s curriculum? Do they highlight potential occupational opportunities or lay out additional educational pathways? If you know your program pages are falling short, this is the session for you. Jonathan Medford, host of The College Marketing Podcast, will share his extensive research of best-practice program pages, feedback from community college professionals nationwide, and his formulaic approach to crafting impactful academic program pages that actively foster enrollment.

Project Management for Modern Teams

Do projects sometimes get the best of you, large or small? Find out how to develop a plan and work through scheduled tasks to meet your targeted deadline while we also explore modern project management tools.

Automating Your Recruiting Funnel

Is the marketing and recruiting funnel at your institution what you want it to be? Most professionals will say it’s not. Many community or technical colleges don’t even really have one and instead resort to advertising in mediums like TV, radio and newspaper, which reach fewer and fewer potential students every day, and typically at a much higher cost. Learn how to create campaigns that drive results with this breakout session on measuring campaign ROI and nurturing student prospects from start to finish – from the time they first become aware of the college through the point they actually enroll.

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