Features & Development Roadmap

The work we put into building our website system for community colleges is never “finished”. The following features are on the top of our list...

Updated: July 18, 2017

Secondary Template Theme for Subsites

Some community colleges would like to have the option to have web pages for specific entities like their Small Business Center or Foundation t1o have the same feel as the main site but a different look.



Continuing Education

This will be a plugin that is similar in form to the Curriculum Plugin, but is focused on Continuing Education courses. This plugin will be more automated though. We will setup a sync folder which will have CSV files that auto-populate on a daily basis. This information will be imported into the database tables that run the Continuing Education plugin.



Curriculum Course Schedule

The purpose of this is so that students and staff can see how many open spaces are left for a class at any given time. This is a CSV file that is auto-exported out of Colleague, auto-FTPed to our server and then auto-imported into a layout page of the website. A sample file can be found here: http://www.waynecc.edu/schedule/springII/

July 2017


Landing Pages

Automatically generate Program-Specific landing pages that pull in actual data and information from the existing landing pages. A form field for the pasting of a Hatchbuck form will need to be part of this. The landing pages will have lots of great data about the programs, but no navigation. The CTA is to fill out the form. Also, this will include “Middle of the Funnel” landing pages for program groupings/pathways (ie: Healthcare).

August 2017


Master School Calendar

We need to be able to avoid embedding Google Calendar iframes in favor of feeding in school calendar dates utilizing iCalendar feeds. This will allow us to flow both iCalendar events from a wide variety of calendars and our events from our events plugin into the same well designed month-view calendar layout.

August 2017


Acalog API Integration

True integration of Acalog data feeding into the website’s layout.

September 2017


Campus Alert Improvement

We are using the campus alert feature today (severe weather) – really easy to use! One suggestion: add a minimize button on the box so that once people see it, they can still navigate pages without it being in the way too much.

September 2017


Sort/Filter Options for All Programs

Ability to Filter programs by:

  1. Academic or Continuing Education
  2. Degree Type: Associate, Certificate, Diploma, Other (?)
  3. TCL Division: Business Technologies, Industrial Technologies, Arts & Sciences, Health Sciences, Continuing Education
  4. Career Path
  5. Program Track (Capitalized text in attached document – Administrative Office Tech, Building Construction, Civil Engineering Tech, etc.)

October 2017


Compare Feature for Programs

Ability to compare differences between programs.

May 2017


Faculty and Staff Import Tool with Column Matcher

A CSV import tool with column matcher that will allow Super Admin content managers the ability to import the Faculty and Staff Directory and photos.

October 2017


PDF Catalog Generator

Generate a print-ready PDF catalog based off of information from the Curriculum Plugin. Must have the ability to add cover pages and content pages.

November 2017


Free-Trial/Demo Site Generator

Choose theme, select primary and secondary colors, upload logo, specific subdomain name, checklist of what to do next to develop your site.

December 2017


Faculty Page

We discussed actually creating one for each faculty member that would be pulled into their profile information and listed there. Would also need to re-style the actual sub site, so that it’s in line with the rest of the site. Wayne said they used to have more teachers who used this, but only one does now, and they’re keeping it for her. Adding a link in their profile might encourage other teachers to have one. Faculty typically have Moodle/Blackboard accounts, so this is a pretty low priority item for SaaS development.)

December 2017

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