Wilmington, NC – Aaron Alexander, a resident of Wilmington, NC, has been named partner and Lead Developer at Higher Ed digital firm College Inbound. As an owner of Peloton Development Company, Alexander had been a strategic partner with the firm for the past year, concentrating in programming College Inbound’s website platform for two-year colleges.

“Aaron brings a depth of experience to our firm. He has 5 years Higher Ed experience working as a data manager and web developer for UNC Wilmington”, said Jonathan Medford, co-founder and managing partner of College Inbound. “He also has a 13 year track record of being an innovator in WordPress development, so we are very glad to call him our partner.”

Aaron Alexander

With Alexander on board, Jake Mayfield’s role will focus on systems administration of College Inbound’s Amazon Web Services hosting environment.

College Inbound has been serving two-year colleges across the country since 2016. The firm offers a fully-hosted website solution based on the WordPress platform as well as video production services. Jonathan Medford and Curtis Thieman founded College Inbound after a 12 year partnership in running the full-service marketing firm Inspire Creative Studios, Inc.

For more information about College Inbound, visit collegeinbound.com.

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