Content Marketing Buy-In Workshop

Achieving the buy-in your community college needs for tremendous success.

Getting All Hands On-Deck

One of the biggest challenges an institution, such as a community college, will face when implementing any sort of change is: buy-in. Making the leap to inbound and content marketing strategies is no different. The same struggle exists in getting every person in every department to not only be on board, but want to contribute.

If you’re here, then there’s a good chance you’re already somewhat invested in the idea of collectively reorganizing your team towards a new goal. But if you’re still on the fence, check out the list below.

How to Tell if Our Workshop is For You:

1. You want to instill a cohesive understanding of content marketing, and what it can do for your school, throughout all departments of your institution.

2. You don’t just want to keep up with other institutions — you want to be the in forefront.

3. You want to use innovative content marketing techniques to boost your recruiting power.

4. You want to transform the way you develop content so that, instead of scrounging up content and barely meeting your standards, you’ve got ready-to-use, evergreen content stockpiled for the future.

5. You want to be efficient, so you’re open to utilizing powerful marketing automation platforms (like HubSpot or Hatchbuck) in your recruitment tactics.

Does this sound at all like you? Then please direct your attention to the form on the right.

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