Full Stack PHP Developer

We are a creative marketing team looking for talented, up-and-coming programmers to grow with our group. Our ideal candidates are well-versed, motivated developers who are interested in, and comfortable working with both front-end and back-end technologies.

Our ultimate goal is a developer that can work with databases, PHP (OOP), HTML, CSS, JavaScript and everything in between, also, venturing as far as converting Photoshop designs to front-end code. We understand there might be a learning curve associated with some of these technologies and processes, but that is where we are heading.

This role will have the opportunity to develop an array of projects for our marketing firm but will primarily be focused on developing a website CMS system for colleges nationwide.

We want hands-on, collaborative, strong communicators, who work well in a fast-paced environment and are open to ongoing change. You must have an eye for detail, a passion for quality and a drive to develop solutions that have never been done before.

Required Skills

  • Skilled with front-end development (HTML, CSS, AJAX, Javascript, JSON)
  • Experience with CSS preprocessor (SASS, LESS, Compass)
  • Version control for every project you work on (Git or Subversion)
  • Skilled at OOP PHP
  • Use existing frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap that increase productivity
  • Strong understanding of relational database design, preferably with MySQL
  • Solid understanding of system administration—you can set up and maintain staging and production environments on a cloud-based LAMP stack
  • Solid understanding of cross-browser/platform issues and code solutions
  • Experience implementing and updating Restful APIs.
  • Loves writing clean and efficient code! Code reusability is also very important


  • Knowledge and use of Vagrant, with Puppet or Chef a major plus
  • Minimal experience with Docker a plus
  • Familiarity with AWS or DigitalOcean, RackSpace, or any other cloud hosting solutions a plus
  • Bringing Giphy/Emoji swag to Slack

Must Be Able To:

  • Lead the charge on maintaining existing codebases, running code reviews, bug fixes, enhancements, and miscellaneous maintenance
  • Work closely with other disciplines (Design, Digital Advertising, SEO, Marketing)
  • Work independently and be a team player
  • Be confident in a client-facing role from time to time
  • Integrating with APIs (such as Facebook or Google Maps)
    Code, test, and troubleshoot software using the appropriate tools under limited guidance
  • Follow accepted coding standards and best practices, using agile software development methodologies
  • Demonstrate clear progress and a willingness to advance towards a more senior role
  • Be able to facilitate dialogue between internal and external clients and teams, as well as translating technical information, functionality, and limitations to non-technical teams

Credential Requirements:

  • 4 Year College/University Degree or equivalent work experience and demonstration of abilities
  • 1+ years front-end web development experience utilizing skills stated above
  • 1+ years of experience in building modern apps/sites that are in currently production utilizing a back-end language (OOP PHP, Python, RoR, etc.)
  • 2+ years of working with content management systems, particularly WordPress


  • Git
  • Linux Command Line
  • Bare Bones Text Editor (we won’t judge)
  • Photoshop (a plus)
  • MAC OS